P.R.S.T Elite Carbon Fibre Shooting Tripod

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The P.R.S.T Elite (Precision Rifle Shooter Tripod - Elite) is a second generation shooting specific tripod designed by snipers for use in a multitude of ways from the long distance shooter to a military sniper. The Elite version has a smaller form factor than the original P.R.S.T due to a unique centre yoke that offers a more compact centre column area with slots to attach slings, counterweights and camouflage. The P.R.S.T forms part of the new L115 Sniper Stabilisation Platform for the British Army. Its simple but effective design works! Photography tripods like those of Manfrotto are not designed to be treated hard and exposed to the weight and conditions that many shooters find themselves in. The P.R.S.T Elite will allow shooting from raised prone through to standing. When combined with the HOG Saddle MOD 7 the tripod system weighs in at a total of 2.2Kg.

  • Material: Carbon fibre legs with machined aluminum components
  • Legs: Four section legs with user serviceable cam-lock levers
  • Finish:  Cerakote Elite Tan 
  • Feet: Includes two interchangeable sets. Rubber feed and spiked steel feet.
  • Center column: 6.5 inch length. Short enough to splay tripod out for high prone position.
  • Center column function: The center column not only adjusts vertically, it is able to rotate. A great feature for users who direct mount a saddle to their tripod without a ball head.
  • Mounting thread: 3/8"-16



4.1 lbs  / 1765grams

Load rating

40 lbs  /20 Kg

Max. Height

62.2 “ / 158 cm

Min. Height

6.8” / 17 cm

Collapsed Length

22” / 56 cm

Center column length                                 (Actual adjustment length)

3.5” / 9 cm  - Actual length is 6.5"

P.R.S.T Elite Carbon Fibre Shooting Tripod
P.R.S.T Elite Carbon Fibre Shooting Tripod
P.R.S.T Elite Carbon Fibre Shooting Tripod
P.R.S.T Elite Carbon Fibre Shooting Tripod